About our truck

About our roaster

Our coffee truck was designed to match the wonky nature of our self-built coffee roaster. The truck features a large rotating metal gear (yes, it spins on its own!) and has steam coming out the top of the big coffee cup. A large portion of the metal work was done by Rustic Steel Creations in Tampa, FL. The truck was painted by Macy Higgins (@macyeatspaint) with our vision in mind. If you pass our truck on the road, you sure won’t miss it!

We designed and built our coffee roaster to be mobile, so we can share and demonstrate the process of roasting coffee. The initial revision used an old beer keg as the roasting drum and a washing machine motor/bike tire combo to spin the drum. We ditched the keg, designed the roaster in CAD, and had some professional help from Legends Fabrications to CNC cut the metal and fabricate some new parts. We still kept the washing-machine motor and bike wheel…You can read more about our roaster in the blog!